4 x 48 x 118 Eva-Dri Foam

4 x 48 x 118 Eva-Dri Foam

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  • Product ID: 448118-EVD
  • Width: 48"
  • Length: 118"
  • Thickness: 4"
  • Density: Medium
  • Features: Eva-Dri foam has an exploded open cell construction which allows liquids to flow right through, and humidity to rapidly evaporate, instead of acting like a moisture trapping sponge.
  • Usage: Outdoor/Marine Foam

Have your outdoor cushions lost their form? Don't worry, not all foams are created equal. Our Eva-Dri foam is specially made for outdoor use. Its open cell design allows water to drain almost instantly and allows for constant air circulation. Eva-Dri accomplishes all of this while remaining durable and resilient. Eva-Dri foam is especially well suited for marine applications and the 118-inch length is great for boats with long backrests. It's always best to avoid combining multiple pieces of foam because the seams usually show through the fabric. Cutting out unique shapes and sizes is easy if you use an electric bread knife. You should always cut your foam about 5% larger than its cover. This will make your cushion look nice and full.

For more information, see our Foam & Padding Product Guide.

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