Fashion and Apparel Fabric

Fashion & Dress Fabric

Shop our extensive selection of gorgeous fashion and dress fabric. Find everything you need from sheer to shiny including chiffon, lace, organza, velvet, and satin. Make dresses and gowns, skirts, tops and blouses, accessories, and any other fashionable or formal garment. These fabrics are also great for costumes and cosplay. Our affordable, first quality fashion & dress fabrics will have you rocking the runway in no time.

Satin Fabric

Known for its lavish softness and signature sheen, satin fabric is used for many fashion and apparel pieces like gowns and dresses. We have many varieties of satin from matte to stretch. Satin can also be used for party décor.

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Netting & Mesh Fabric

We offer a variety of netting, mesh, and tulle fabrics. Use netting and tulle for veils and to add volume to gowns. Mesh is often used for cutouts as well as sportswear. Beyond fashion, tulle is also popular for event decorations.

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Velvet Fabric

Apparel velvet is super soft and plush with a lustrous sheen and decadent drape. Use velvet to make luxurious dresses, costumes, and other clothing. We carry many colors of panne velvet, crushed velvet, and stretch velvet.

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Apparel Fabric Basics

We’ve got all the essential fabrics for your project. Basics include cottons like gingham and broadcloth, knit fabrics such as jersey and spandex, plush fabrics including fleece and minky, as well as sheer fabrics like chiffon and georgette.

Apparel Fabric Basics

Basic Apparel Fabric Types

If you’re searching for the basics and beyond, look no further. Shop our selection of basic apparel fabrics to make just about any garment you can think of.

Knit Fabric

Knit fabrics are unique in that their knitted construction allows for more give and flexibility than standard woven fabrics. Cotton jersey knit is perfect for T-shirts and other comfy clothing. Other knitted fabrics include scuba, spandex, and interlock.

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Plush Fabric

For a soft, luxurious look and feel, shop our selection of plush fabric. Fleece, minky, and faux fur are popular for warm items like coats, mittens, hats, and scarves, as well as blankets. Use plush fabric for many types of garments from formal velvet dresses to casual fleece pants.

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Sheer Apparel Fabric

Use sheer fabric for a variety of applications from formal apparel to event décor. Semi-transparent fabrics like chiffon and georgette have a beautiful drape, while others have more body to create volume such as organza and tulle.

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Stretch Fabric

Stretch fabrics are great for form fitting clothing items that would benefit from a little extra give and flexibility. We have an array of colorful stretch fabrics from jersey knit and poly spandex to stretch lace, taffeta, and charmeuse.

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Water Repellent & Resistant Fabric

We offer a variety of water repellent and resistant fabrics that will keep you and your stuff dry. Durable fabrics like nylon oxford, pack cloth, PVC-coated polyester, and ripstop are great for jackets, bags, backpacks, and outdoor items. Neoprene is used for wetsuits and athletic accessories.

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Metallic Fabric

Metallic fabric is perfect for apparel and fashion accessories that need a healthy dose of sparkly, shimmery, glitzy, glamorous shine. Our beautiful metallic fabrics, including lamé, sequin fabric, and sequin fabric, will bring the bling to your next project.

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Cotton Prints & Quilting Fabric

Perhaps the most common and popular textile material is classic cotton. This versatile fabric is great for all sorts of applications. Browse quilting cotton designs like bandana, novelty, and licensed NFL and MLB prints. Don’t forget your quilting fabric staples like muslin and broadcloth.

Cotton Prints and Quilting Fabric

Quilting Fabric

Shop our selection of quilting-weight fabric for the essentials like cotton prints and broadcloth. For quilt backings and bindings you can also use flannel, muslin, gingham, and even minky.

Designer Quilting Fabric

Check out our stock of quilting-weight cottons in popular prints. These quilting fabrics are just what you need to make stunning quilts, as well as clothing and bags.

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Licensed Quilting Fabric

Any sports fans out there? We’ve got your licensed quilting fabric needs covered with NFL and MLB prints like Red Sox, Yankees, Colts, and Vikings.

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Cotton Print Designs

From fun novelty patterns and camos to bandana and animal prints, we’ve got the designs you need for your project. These fabrics will add a colorful style to clothing, quilts, and accessories.

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Fashion & Apparel Supplies

Sewing takes more than just fabric, but not to worry, we carry all sorts of fashion and apparel supplies to help keep your sewing cabinet fully stocked. Check out our supplies including interfacing and stabilizers, notions, fabric dye, bias tape, webbing, and an assortment of tools.

Interfacing and Stabilizers

Interfacing & Stabilizers

Interfacing and stabilizers are used to provide more body and structure to lighter weight projects. We have many types of fusible and sew-in interfacing and stabilizers for clothing, bags, and crafts. You’ll also find Dritz Stitch Witchery for no-sew projects and seamless hems.

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Sewing Notions

Sewing Notions

Don’t forget to pick up notions for your project too! Find closures like buttons, snaps, hooks and eyes, and clips. Stock up on all the essentials including thread, pins, needles, D-rings, elastic, and much more.

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Fabric Treatments and Dyes

Fabric Treatments & Dyes

Shop an array of liquid and powder fabric dyes and other fabric treatments like whitener and brightener. We have fabric dye that works with natural fibers like Rit All-Purpose Dye and Dylon Dye, as well as Rit DyeMore Dye for synthetic fabrics.

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Sew-On Tapes

Sew-On Tapes

These sew-on tapes add a nice functional finish or a decorative element to fashion and apparel projects. Browse Wrights bias tape, blanket binding, hem tape, piping, rick rack, and twill tape.

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Webbing and Belting

Webbing & Belting

Webbing is popular for many applications including apparel accessories like belts, bag straps, and handles. Our supply of webbing ranges from soft cotton webbing to super strong nylon webbing, and water repellent polypropylene webbing.

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Apparel Tools

Apparel Tools

Fashion and apparel sewing and crafting tools are an essential part of any sewing kit. Shop pliers for snaps, eyelets, and grommets, Omnigrid rotary cutters and replacement blades, and Gingher dressmaker’s shears.

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Fashion & Apparel How-To's

You’ve seen our selection of fashion and apparel fabric and supplies, now head over to OFS™ Maker’s Mill for information and inspiration. Our step-by-step tutorials cover a range of fashion and apparel items and accessories suitable for all seasons. Learn how to make aprons, handbags, totes, winter hats, mittens, dresses, skirts, scarves, and a whole lot more.

How To Make an Infinity Scarf

Level: Beginner

How To Make an Infinity Scarf

Infinity scarves are a trendy fashion accessory that can be worn year round depending on the weight of the fabric. They’re perfect for beginners and also make a great handmade gift.

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How To Make a Fleece Poncho

Level: Beginner

How To Make a Fleece Poncho

This fleece poncho is perfect for fall and winter. It has a cowl neck that can also be worn as a hood. The fleece fabric makes this a soft, warm, and cozy item of clothing.

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How To Make a Phone Wristlet

Level: Intermediate

How To Make a Phone Wristlet

If you’ve ever found yourself at an event wishing you could ditch your larger bag for something that carries just the essentials, check out this simple phone wristlet made using our free pattern in multiple sizes.

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How To Make a Circle Skirt

Level: Beginner

How To Make a Circle Skirt

This circle skirt really shows off the versatility of décor fabric. Using drapery fabric gives the skirt more weight and volume. If you want something lighter, try broadcloth, quilting cotton or a light linen instead.

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Fashion & Apparel Videos

Check out our YouTube video library and peruse our fashion and apparel video tutorials and guides. The OnlineFabricStore YouTube channel is a trusted source of information and inspiration with over 250,000 subscribers and 40,000,000 channel views. Watch videos on making all kinds of clothing from skirts and dresses to fashionable bags and winter accessories.

Video: How to Make an Envelope Clutch

This envelope clutch is sized to snugly fit an iPad or tablet. It features a magnetic snap, a soft felt lining, and a zipper compartment on the back to hold cords and accessories.

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Video: How to Make a Hooded Cloak with a Lining

Cloaks are essential in many cosplay and Halloween costumes. You can make cloaks out of many different fabrics depending on the occasion and look. Here we used cotton twill with a satin lining.

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Fashion & Apparel Buyer's Guides

If you need help deciding on the right fabric or supply for your project, check out our buyer’s guides. These information-rich product guides compare different types of fabric and offer tips on how to work with them.

Fleece Fabric

Fleece Fabric Buyer's Guide

Fleece is popular for making winter apparel and accessories because of its warmth and softness. It doesn’t fray when cut, and is easy to sew.

Check out our guide to fleece fabric to learn more about it.

Cotton Jersey Fabric

Cotton Jersey Buyer's Guide

Cotton jersey fabric is a stretchy interlocked knit fabric. It’s ideal for any garment that needs a little give, like shirts, nightwear, leggings, casual dresses, and more.

Our cotton jersey fabric guide has all the info you need.

Minky Fabric

Minky Fabric Buyer's Guide

Produced from 100% polyester microfiber, minky fabric is a super soft variety of fleece that’s often used for baby blankets and winter wear.

Learn all about minky fabric with this guide including care, preparation, and sewing.

Gabardine Fabric

Gabardine Fabric Buyer's Guide

Gabardine is a twill-weave fabric featuring a diagonal texture on its surface. Gabardine fabric is often used for suits, jackets, uniforms, and aprons because it’s durable and washes well.

Read our buyer's guide on Gabardine Fabric

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Fashion & Apparel Articles

Besides tutorials and buyer’s guides, we also have fashion and apparel articles that inform and inspire. Here you’ll discover different uses for muslin, compare fabrics for tote bags and baby clothes, and a whole lot more.

Using Muslin for Garment Mock-ups

Using Muslin for Garment Mock-ups

Muslin fabric is an inexpensive plain weave cotton cloth. It has many practical uses like for bandage wraps and culinary purposes. While it’s not typically used for actual clothing articles, it’s quite popular for making garment mock-ups.

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What Fabrics are Good for Tote Bags?

What Fabrics are Good for Tote Bags?

Tote bags are a fun and easy sewing project. Fabrics like canvas and denim are great for tote bags because they’re strong and sturdy. Lighter fabrics like broadcloth work well as linings for totes and can be used with an interfacing.

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Best Fabrics for Baby Clothes

Best Fabrics for Baby Clothes

A wide variety of fabrics are suitable for infant and children’s clothing. Safety and comfort should always be top priority when choosing materials for kid’s garments. Learn more about which fabrics are best for baby clothes.

Best Fabrics for Baby Clothes >

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