3 Reasons to Choose Vinyl for Chair Upholstery

Perhaps one of the simplest DIY projects to tackle that also makes an immense impact on the vibe in your home is reupholstering chairs or stools. But I’ll level. At this point I am not going to show you how to reupholster your worn or coffee/wine/spaghetti-sauce-stained seats. Just merely pointing out why you should consider using vinyl to do so. You can always get some guidance over at Free People (and many more DIY blogs out there) if you need it, and I will certainly consider taking on a similar project soon, likely using one of my favorite Premier Prints and this sweet upholstery kit. Then I’ll post the step-by-step.

Seaquest a1

That said. Why vinyl upholstery?

It’s Easy to clean. Virtually stain- and splatter-resistant, all you have to do to care for vinyl after light soiling is use 10% dish soap with warm water, wipe with a damp cloth and pat dry.

It’s Durable. If you have ever been a kid, had a kid, knew a kid or looked at a kid, you get that they generally don’t sit still for longer than, say, seven seconds at a time. That’s it. Needless to say this doesn’t bode well for the chair’s upholstery. But vinyl’s got an answer for those kiddos: 50,000 double rubs. A double rub value is the number of times a durability testing machine comes in contact with a fabric before it’s worn down. Stylish and already-sturdy cotton or canvas home décor fabric typically comes in at around 15,000, so vinyl’s definitely a wise choice in the lasting department.

It’s Leather’s Imposter. Leather is high-end upholstery. Many vinyls have gotten really good at mimicking that same high-end look and feel. The varying textures add character and since faux leather vinyls come in rolls as opposed to imperfect hides, they’re easier to work with.

Symphony Glaze a2

So while you still may be very much in the uninspiring throes of winter, we put forth the challenge to use one of these vibrant vinyl options to reupholster something in your home before spring arrives and share a few pics on our Facebook wall. I’m willing to bet this basic change will provide a refreshing and instant winter blues pick-me-up in your home. And besides, you’ll have an overabundance of other projects to focus on once longer sunlit days breathe life into your DIY motivation.