4 Ways to Kick Your Super Bowl Party Up A Few Yards

Five days. That’s how long it has been since the New England Patriots fatefully “ended” their season. We’re up in Massachusetts so needless to say there’s more than a few of the OFS crew still feeling a little blue. But we know we’ve gotta move on. And planning an awesome Super Bowl party helps a bit, doesn’t it? Doesn’t it?

We’re not talking just any old Super Bowl party here, with wings and beer. Sporting team-wear and overindulging in fun-to-eat finger foods, dips and cold drinks are a given. Make your Super Bowl XLVII party the one people talk about for years to come (regardless of which teams are going head-to-head and the game’s outcome!)


It’s simple. With just two types of San Francisco 49ers– and Baltimore Ravens-themed fabric you can tackle the party details in a unique way, and here are four ideas that’ll make the difference with very little effort:

Table Cloth: Really doesn’t get easier than this, guys! Add warmth by using a 100% cotton table cloth instead of those uninviting plastic ones. And whether you’d prefer to toss it after the party or use it for years to come, it’s so low cost per yard it won’t make a dent in your budget.

Beverage Holder: Does anyone really need a holder for their beer? Probably not.But they look cool. And even cooler when they’ve got NFL Super Bowl team logos on it. Just cut strips of hand-warming fleece to fit standard-sized cans and bottles, and use fabric glue or Velcro to secure them around. If you’re worried about your drinks getting warm, go a step further and line the inside of the fleece with neoprene to keep them cool. Now that’s one dope holder!

Pennant Flags & Banner: This is where team spirit (or just party décor, to nonfans) comes in. Cut cotton fabric triangles about six inches tall and string as many as you’d like together to hang on the wall or across an entryway. Use both fleece and cotton triangles interchangeably to vary the look of the strand. To keep the kiddos entertained (for at least a few minutes) make individual pennant flags by gluing the base of the triangles around small wooden craft sticks. You’re sure to catch the die-hards doing a little flag-waving too.

Scarves & Throws: If the temperatures across the country this week are any indication, you’ll get host of the year for handing out Super Bowl-themed blankets to snuggle up and soft scarves to cheer with. Again, easy peasy, just cut the size of fleece you’d like and depending on how steady your hand is, they just may not even need any stitching to clean-up around the edges.

And for our fellow PATS fans that want to represent on Super Bowl Sunday, we’ve got you covered too!

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