5 home decor projects to cure the end of summer blues

Do you have the end of summer blues?  Have your relaxing days by the pool sipping a cool drink turned into days spent shopping for school supplies?  Not to mention the constant reminder that summer is ending with stores now stocked with fall fashions and even some Christmas decorations! Well we can’t stop it so we might as well embrace it with some home decor projects that will help us welcome a new season—FALL!

Fireplace design from Strictly simple style blog

These quick and easy projects will have you longing for an evening by the fire:

  1. Burlap is such a trend right now and can be used in so many ways.  Start by sewing a new runner for your table or mantel in richly colored burlap.  If you are really crafty, stencil or monogram it.
  2. Add some candles scented with pumpkin, spice, apple and other yummy smells that embrace the fall season.  Place them in areas where you will enjoy them such as the mud room, kitchen, entry and bedroom.  And be sure to light them…no since having candles if you can’t enjoy the wonderful smell AND the glow.  (even battery operated candles are available in scents so check those out if safety is a concern)
  3. Sew your own or purchase some new throw pillows that feature colors and motifs of the fall season.  Consider using plaids or embroidered designs and include fabrics like corduroy, suede, velvet and fleece.
  4. Chilly fall evenings can be warmed up with a lap throw or quilt.  Keep them handy by tossing them across the back of a sofa or chair.  An added bonus is the instant pop of color and pattern they add to a space.
  5. Bring in natural elements such as bowls full of acorns and pinecones picked up on a hike; sunflower centerpieces on the kitchen table; dried berries and twigs gathered in a basket by the fireplace…mother nature knows how to decorate for every season.

Embrace the new season for it has a lot to offer—-cozy evenings spent indoors, wonderful smells of change and the anticipation of upcoming holidays!