7 Sunroom Essentials

If you have a sunroom or a screened in/three season porch, I consider you lucky. Outdoor living without mosquitos, rain or wind? Yes. Please. When we were looking for our first house last spring, as dutiful HGTVers, we made a list of must-haves and a list of nice-to-haves. Naturally, a sunroom was on both lists. If we loved a particular house, not having a sunroom wouldn’t be an absolutely deal breaker. But on a house we weren’t one hundred percent on, having a sunroom would definitely boost its rating. The latter scenario ended up happening and our family has really enjoyed time spent together on our three season porch over the past year. (Pic below not mine!)


Slowly we’ve been adding elements that make our space exactly what we want it to be. While we still have a few things left to incorporate, here are the seven essentials from my experience, that can maximize your sunroom area, and make it a relaxing, cool and functional part of your home:

1. Dining Table and Chairs. I mean, what’s the point if you can’t dine out there?

2. Lounge Area. Eating’s great but sometimes you just want to kick back a bit and have a glass of wine. There are so many outdoor conversation sets with cozy sofas and chairs that I adore. But they tend to have a hefty price tag so….one of these days!

3. Plants. Greens instantly add a homey feel, and the plants will love all that light.

4. Ceiling Fan. It’s sooo nice to have a breeze on hot summer days and nights. If you don’t have one, get one. You won’t reget it!

5. Music. I took this one for granted until my husband hooked up some speakers out there to our living room stereo by putting the wires up through the attic. But really, music just takes the atmosphere to another level. If you’d rather not mess with your ceiling and attic however, an MP3/phone dock would work great too.

6. Privacy. You can’t truly relax when all you see is your less than fit neighbor cleaning his pool. If your backyard foliage doesn’t create privacy, make some yourself. Using something like broad cloth or linen to make drapes will add a romantic feel, give you privacy, and keep things light and airy at the same time.

7. Lighting. As with any room, ambiance at night can come from a few well-placed lamps or sconces. Get some.

And for a little inspiration, take a look at these amazing sunrooms from Houzz.com. Pin and share if you like.