A Day at the Brimfield Antique Show

Did you know that back in the day, horse hair was used to stuff chairs and sofas, instead of the foam and batting filling we use today? My co-worker Nick casually shared that fun fact as we arrived at the Brimfield Antique Show last week. Then, what do you know, just a few tents later he pointed out an old dining chair with ripped black leather upholstery, aged horse hair spilling out. And apparently, respecting upholstery history, this OnlineFabricStore place that I work for carries both authentic horse hair and the synthetic rubberized kind. Not even twenty minutes into our hunt and I’d learned a few things. Thanks Nick!

So there we were, in search of a good DIY project. But among the countless items across many acres, finding the “right” piece that was cool, do-able, OFS-ish and within our budget was a huge challenge. And frankly, it was hard to focus. Everything was so rustic and historic and pretty, each in its own way. I could’ve spent the entire day (or two!) just taking photos of all of the eccentricities, colors and textures. But we had a job to do, so here are just a few shots I did manage.


The last half hour of our time there we finally decided upon a few pieces, neither of us entirely satisfied. But we’re determined to use a few yards of fabric from the vast OnlineFabricStore warehouse and make it work. Interested in seeing the before and after? Enter your email to the top right and click “Subscribe!” We’ll send you a link when they’re done.