Book Review—Sewing for Boys

If you have little boys to sew for you will love this book. It is often difficult to find patterns for boys that they will find “cool” to wear. Sewing for Boys: 24 Projects to Create a Handmade Wardrobe by Shelly Figueroa and Karen LePage gives patterns and instructions for items that both mom and son will love.

Items include shirts, tee shirts, rompers, pants, hats and even a blanket. There is something for boys from infants up to size 6/7.
The authors of this neat pattern book own “Patterns by Figgy’s” a small pattern company featured on many sewing blogs and sold in shops around the world.

Fabrics for boys should be durable and charming.  Many fabrics are appropriate for boy’s clothes.

The softness of corduroy is determined by the number of “wales.” The more wales, the softer the fabric.

Classic corduroy is always a winner.  Sturdy, comfortable, and warm corduroy is perfect for pants, overalls, jackets, vests, hats, and backpacks. Corduroy comes is several different weights; 28 wale and 21 wale corduroy are very fine textured and soft.  Fine wale corduroy has a flexible hand and is easy to sew.  Use a size 14 machine needle and a good all-purpose thread when sewing corduroy.

Fun Fleece Prints

Polar Fleece has rapidly become a new classic for children’s clothes and winter sport wear.  This soft, lovely, reasonably-priced fabric is perfect when you want a warm fabric that is easy to sew.  Fleece is available in tons of cool colors and prints that boys love.  Sports prints, animal skin prints, and novelty prints are all available in charming fleece.