Bridesmaid Dresses Follow Up

Back in July, I wrote a blog post about custom bridesmaid dresses.  In that post, I talk about how I was using glitz sequins to make bridesmaid dresses for a wedding in November. Well, the wedding was this past weekend and the dresses came out amazing! Check out the photos!

Bridesmaid Dresses front

Bridesmaid Dresses back

I was happy with how these dresses came out. Working with glitz sequins was a lot easier than I thought too, because it stretches and forms to the body well. The color is dull gold and for lining I used champagne stretch charmeuse.  Each dress required about 4-5 yards of fabric and lining. 

Bridesmaid Dresses In The Making




Flower Girl Tulle Skirt

In addition to the bridesmaid dresses, I also made the flower girl a tulle skirt out of ivory/gold glitter tulle.  The waistband and bow are made out of the lining (champagne stretch charmeuse) that was left over from the bridesmaid dresses, with interfacing in between to make them stiff. The interfacing I used for both the waistband and bow was white medium weight fusible interfacing.  The are about 10 layers of 54" wide tulle gathered on the skirt and 2 yards of white petticoat netting underneath to help make the skirt full.  

Flower girl tulle skirt

Jen’s Opinion

I really loved making these dresses and the flower girl skirt. I was lucky enough to work with great fabrics from OFS to help make these dresses and skirt amazing, while keeping myself sane when making them! (well, sort of :))  Over the summer I did a tutorial/blog of a DIY pencil skirt made out of glitz sequins that was lined with stretch charmeuse.  These two fabrics work really well together.