Fun Fleece: Camouflage, Dinosaurs, Space, Trucks and More

This little boy sports a fleece hat and jacket. Fleece makes great outer garments for both children and adults.

Polyester polar fleece is one of the most versatile modern fabrics. This durable, machine-washable fabric provides warmth while not being heavy or bulky. Because it cuts with ease, does not slip easily while being sewn, and does not ravel, it is very easy to sew and can even be used for no-sew throws and other projects.

Polar fleece is available in wide variety of colors and prints, including many novelty prints. Numerous ready-made sewing patterns are available especially for this unique fabric.

OFS has a great selection of fleece prints sure to appeal to boys. Look at this camouflage print fleece. Did you do a double take? The camouflage is actually a group of dinosaurs cavorting across the fabric. This fabric would make a cute vest or jacket for a sporty little guy (or gal).

This monster truck fleece is cool! Young and young at heart truck lovers are sure to enjoy it.

Fleece is a great fabric to make soft stuffed toys out of.  I think the camouflage-packed dinosaurs would make a neat stuffed dinosaur, don’t you?

Stuffed toys aren’t limited to animals. Stuffed cars and trucks are fun for the youngest set. What about a stuffed truck made with the monster truck fleece?

Please share your photos of items you have made out fleece prints. We would love to see them.