Custom Bridesmaid Dresses

Recently I have been asked to make bridesmaid dresses for a friend of mine who's wedding is in November. I'm super excited about this because the wedding is a Great Gatsby theme, and the bridesmaid dresses are designed with a 1920's inspiration. These dresses are made from Glitz Sequin Fabric and are lined with Stretch Charmeuse. Because the dresses are currently in progress, I've posted some photos of what they will look like, and talk about what it takes to have custom made bridesmaid dresses.

Update: See the finished bridesmaid dresses!



Custom Made

Here's the thing. Many people think going the custom made route will help save them money. That's not always the case, and in most cases it will cost them more depending on the fabric and labor. First, know the type of fabric that you want. From there, you can design the bridesmaid dress knowing how well the fabric will drape, stretch, and sew.

For the bridesmaid dresses that I'm working on, I knew that the glitz sequin fabric had stretch as well as the charmeuse lining. With that in mind, I was able to design a fitted garment that draped in the back and became flowy from the knee down. With the weight of the fabric and its stretch, I knew it was capable of doing these things, and the bride approved! If you don't know much or anything at all about fabric, ask the seamstress or designer who is making it for you.

To find the total of what a custom made dress will be, add together the cost of the fabric(s) and supplies needed. After that, find out how much the seamstress/designer is charging per hour for labor and approximately how many hours it will take. Most seamstress/designers charge between $14.00 and $25.00 an hour for labor, and will factor in the cost of the fabric for the total amount of the dress.

Dress Good Fabrics

I've put together a list of some fabrics that are great for bridesmaid dresses.

- Satin                                          

- Chiffon

- Georgette

- Silk

- Organza

- Charmeuse

- Lace

- Sequin

- Taffeta

- Tulle


**Don't forget, you can get samples of any of these fabrics before you decide what's best!