Decorating an Office

My first week at OFS, my colleague Mayer insisted I do something about my pathetic and dreary office. It was apparently so dismal that he went as far as to offer that OFS pick up the tab for a few items to spiff it up. Can’t have people getting all depressed walking by my centrally located open door now, can we? So the next day to my surprise, I found that his word, was indeed, good.

With my spending ration and three of my so far awesome colleagues, off to Home Goods I went. This happened. And I came back with these.



A little assistance from Jarek, the man



Now we’re getting somewhere. Having spent my OFS budget, I splurged with my own wallet on Etsy yesterday to welcome this “little” companion all the way from England—a place I have very fond memories of living. What shall we name him?