Finished Basement Makeover Reveal

Exactly one year ago, I shared with you some plans to take our finished basement from pretty drab and man-cave-ish to functional and fun for our family. Over those 12 months, some wonderful family members (and lots of paint) helped transformed the space into what we envisioned.

To recap, my father inlaw visiting from Sweden added trim and completed other un-glamorous carpentry tasks, my brother installed new windows, and we replaced the dingy floor with very basic carpeting. My husband removed the nasty drop ceiling and painted the exposed joists white, which added a lot of height and character to the space. To finish things off, I created a few home decor accessories with fabrics from OFS. So today I just wanted to give you a peek at the before and after.

Before (Taken before we moved in.)

basementbefore2 Basement-Before1


pillows3 wholeroom



Now, you know I’m not exactly a sewer, but thanks to this 10-minute pillow tutorial I did actually make quite a few covers to help brighten things up. The larger pillow is made of Portfolio Lutron Spray Fabric


and the coral one is Covington Oh Gee Mandarin Fabric.



That small pillow there was made with Richloom Birdwatcher Meadow Fabric.





Since we have loved ones in different parts of the globe, we wanted to include lots of maps in the room for the boys. So I thought this fabric for a floor pillow was a fun addition to that theme (it’s Waverly Destination Graphite Fabric).



And finally, as I mentioned in the post last year, I sewed this basic curtain panel using P/K Lifestyles Cross Section Charcoal Fabric. I suppose it wasn’t really necessary to cover up this little nook but thought it softened things.


What do you think? Go easy on us — it’s a completely DIY finished basement. 🙂