Fleece Accessories

Fleece accessories are perfect for all ages.  Polyester polar fleece  is lightweight, cozy, and warm. It makes great hats, scarves, mittens, gloves, jackets, and vests.

Soft fleece is perfect for children’s items.  It comes in delightful kid’s prints.

It is remarkably easy to work with.  It cuts with ease and does not ravel, so there is no need to edge-finish it. It can be cut into fringe for a decorative effect. Notice the fun tassel on the cap in the picture.

I love to work with fleece.  It comes in  a luscious, virtually unending scheme of prints and colors.  Fleece prints include lighthearted, childlike prints like Rubber Duck and Airplane Fleece and sophisticated prints like Pink Zebra  and Gold Cheetah. Fleece is available with your favorite team logos as well.

Lightweight fleece jackets don’t need to be lined, although they can be lined for extra warmth.  Choose a washable lining fabric so that you can easily wash your beautiful fleece jacket or coat.

Polyester polar fleece is machine washable.  With proper care it has a long life.