Fun with Jonathan Adler

Cliche time! Everyone has to start somewhere.

Well guys, it’s true. At some point in their lives, now-successful entrepreneurs and artists were told they couldn’t be or do whatever it is they felt meant for. Someone said they weren’t cut out for it. Weren’t talented enough. Past their prime. Jonathan Adler, for example, was told by a college instructor that he wasn’t going to make it in Grad School at Rhode Island School of Design or beyond. But looky here.


Portfolio Super Nova Teal Fabric designed by Jonathan Adler


Portfolio Wabash Aquamarine Fabric by Jonathan Adler


Portfolio Pots Surf Fabricby Jonathan Adler (I especially love this one because it gives a nod to Adler’s roots in pottery!)


Portfolio Ringleader Confetti Fabric by Jonathan Adler


Portfolio Santa Rosa Raspberry Fabric by Jonathan Adler

Not bad, eh? Give this fun NPR segment with Jonathan Adler a listen, and click below to catch Sherry from YoungHouseLove’s interview with this talented designer, potter, (and seemingly loveable guy!)