Here’s Why Buying Fabric Online Rocks

One of the things I’ve heard regularly both at DIY conferences and on our social media over the past two years is something that goes like this: “I live in the middle of nowhere, have a fabric obsession but don’t know where to buy fabric!”


It’s true, for many people across the country, fabric stores can be over an hour’s drive away or more. I’m not knocking brick and mortar stores at all–in fact OFS grew from a multi-generational one! But where is someone to buy their fabric if they don’t live near one?

The answer may be obvious to some, but some feel intimidated by the idea of buying fabric online. Many want to see it in person, and have that tactile experience of holding it and feeling the fibers between fingers. So for anyone hesitant to shift some of their fabric purchases online, let’s review four reasons why buying fabric online is actually a great idea.

#1. Selection! With over 42,000 home decor fabrics, and thousands of apparel, quilting and craft fabrics, chances are you’re going to find exactly what you need.


#2. Filtered Search! Sure, the thought of weeding through thousands of fabrics can seem overwhelming. But it’s actually super simple to find exactly what you’re looking for. With just one click, you can filter your search by color, price, brand, style, characteristic, occasion and more.


#3. Convenience! No trekking over town lines in the middle of a snow storm to get to the fabric store. Order all the fabric you want from the comfort of your couch. In your pajamas. While sipping your beverage of choice. Then have it delivered right to your door. Do I even need to go on?


#4. Customer Service! Behind every order at OnlineFabricStore there’s a human. Someone who picks your fabric, cuts it, packs it, puts your address label on it. Sure, with so many orders going out the door, sometimes mistakes get made. And when they do, we have a caring team devoted to helping sort things out. Our customer service team is always there to make recommendations and answer questions too. You’re in good hands!

Any more questions about where to buy fabric and why online’s a good option? Leave them below!