Home Decor: Chase Away the Winter Blues with Citrus Colors

It took a long time this year, but winter did finally arrive.  And while many of us rejoiced like little kids with the first snowfall, the appeal has worn off, and we are longing for springtime.  It is not too early to begin thinking about the changes you would like to make in your home decor for the upcoming spring and summer seasons.  Looking at bright and cheerful citrus colors will certainly chase away those winter doldrums.

As you may already know, Tangerine Tango is Pantone’s color of the year for 2012.  This bright color will add a cheerful touch to a kitchen, laundry room, kid’s playroom, or casual family room.  Pair it with warm shades of cocoa and cream for a sophisticated master bedroom, or update a neutral dining room with new tangerine seat covers.

Kiwi green is another must-have color this year.  Depending on who you talk to, it is also referred to as asparagus, chartreuse, lemongrass, avocado, and apple green.  All of these refer to a yellow based shade of green that is crisp and modern.  Be brave and paint your powder room walls in this new shade of green paired with bright white trim.  Add towels with some citrus appliques and fruity accessories, and it may become the most popular room in the house.

Robert Allen @ Home Run Along in Kiwi

Robert Allen @ Home Run Along in Kiwi

Nothing says summer quite like lemon yellow.  Choose this refreshing color for outdoor linens and upholstery, or recover breakfast room chairs in a bright yellow and easy-to-clean oilcloth.

Yellow flannel backed oilcloth

Pink grapefruit brings to mind last year’s color choice: honeysuckle pink. The luscious shade of pink found in honeysuckle flowers, and similarly, in grapefruit will add a feminine touch to your citrus decorating.  A guest room, teenager’s retreat, little girl’s nursery, or even a casual living space will all benefit from the use of this warm and rosy shade of pink.

What’s in your fruit bowl this year?