Home decor: cozy winter decorating ideas

We all knew winter would arrive sooner or later.  And while the unseasonally warm temperatures at the beginning of winter were a nice surprise, it is now here in full force.  Time to curl up by the fire, spend some time indoors and turn your home into a cozy and warm retreat.

A roaring fire just spells cozy.  But you can’t have a fire without logs (unless you have one of those fancy fake fireplaces).  Turn your log storage into a decorative accent:

Looks like a year’s supply stacked next to the fireplace in this photo by Elle Decor.


How about a pair of knit throw pillows on the floor?  (courtesy of elements of style blog)  You can make these yourself out of recycled sweaters and afghans or knit them yourself.  (tutorial here)Either way, they certainly provide a nice spot to while away the cold winter nights.

And don’t overlook simple ideas like plenty of comfortable throws and lots of cozy fabrics like fleece and chenille or the tried and true flannel sheets placed on everyone’s bed; cover up cold tile or wood floors with shaggy throw rugs or add drapery panels in warm fabrics and colors to your windows.  What a great way to frame the beautiful wintry view outside.

photo courtesy of pottery barn

Hot cocoa anyone?