Learning to Sew–A Sewing Journal

Learning to Sew—A Sewing Journal

Have you ever made a marvelous garment or craft project, something you just loved and then forgot what extra touches you used to make it so great? Many of us have had this same problem after we have been sewing for awhile and have started to branch out and alter patterns or make our own patterns. You simply can’t remember how you altered that pattern or maybe even what pattern you used. Or maybe you still have the pattern and are wondering why you altered the way you did.

It happens. Is it a sign of memory loss or age? I personally prefer to look at it as sign of a lot of experience. I am so experienced I have forgotten half of what I’ve learned.

There is an enjoyable solution to this problem. Keep a sewing journal. Many people keep a journal of their life experiences or of what they are grateful for. A sewing journal may be more mundane, but it is a good way to keep track of those favorite projects.

Any notebook will do, although an attractive journal might be more of an incentive to write in. Write down everything you want to remember about each project: when did you start, what fabric you used, how long it took, what alterations did you make to the original pattern or did you make your pattern. It is also interesting to record what techniques you may have learned while doing this project or perhaps even what you were feeling or experiencing in the rest of your life while working on the project.