Learning to Sew—Lining pants and skirts (part II)

Lining a skirt or pair of pants is easy, but there are few tricks that will help you create a professional lining.

Basic steps to inserting a skirt lining

1. After you have sewn all the skirt seams except for attaching the waistband, sew your lining together at the sides. Leave the seam open at a zipper and press it open. Now slip your lining over the skirt with the wrong sides together. Match the seams. At the waist seamline, machine baste the skirt and lining together. At the zipper edge fold the lining under.

2. Pin the lining to the zipper tape and slipstitch it in place. This is very important, because you don’t want your lining to be caught in the zipper.

3. Now apply the skirt waistband as instructed in your pattern. Finish the garment by hemming the skirt and hemming the lining so that it is an inch shorter than the skirt.

You can hem the lining either by hand or by machine depending on the look you want. The same goes for the skirt itself.