Learning to Sew–More on Sewing Journals and other Recordkeeping

Learning to Sew—More on Sewing Journals and other Sewing Record Keeping

You’ll notice I entitled my previous post and today’s post Learning to sew. I think that’s an apt title, even though many of you reading these posts are experienced sewers; after all isn’t each project somewhat of a learning experience. I feel sewing is really a continual learning process and that is part of what makes it so enjoyable. There is always a new skill learn or a technique to perfect. A sewing journal can be a way to reflect on what you have learned about sewing or even about life.

There are other great ways to keep a history of what you have sewn. Why not take a picture of every completed project and keep a sewing photo album. You could even snap pictures of the project in progress if you like.

Some people make a special label for each garment. They include the fabric the garment was made out of, the size and any alterations, the date it is was made and any other pertinent information. I have never tried this one, but it sounds great. With labels, you can have a record of any garment you’ve made for yourself or your family, right at your fingertips.