New Kravet Fabric. Loads of it.

That’s right. We now have over 15,000 home decor Kravet fabrics up on OFS. Unfamiliar with this high quality, historic brand? Go here or here.

And since it could take days for you to explore that many fabrics, I’ve plucked a mere smattering for your viewing pleasure. Just keep in mind that when you do take the time to browse the massive Kravet collection of drapery and upholstery fabrics, you can filter results by price, style and color on the left hand side. Yeah. That’s going to be key. You’ll see. 😉

Kravet pinks

Top Left: Kravet 3605.713 Fabric

Top Right: Kravet 30890.715 Fabric

Bottom Left: Kravet PANNA.740 Fabric

Bottom Right: Kravet 30262.517 Fabric

Kravet oranges

Top Left: Kravet PIPERNO.712 Fabric

Top Right: Kravet KUDZU.319 Fabric

Bottom Left: Kravet HIGHPOINT.14 Highpoint Honey Fabric

Bottom Right: Kravet ALMORA.712 Fabric

Kravet greens

Top Left: Kravet ALMORA.530 Fabric

Top Right: Kravet 3810.13 Fabric

Bottom Left: Kravet 32675.5 Fabric

Bottom Right: Kravet SPATTER.315 Spatter Spring Fabric

Kravet blues

Top Left: Kravet GALATA.5 Fabric

Top Right:  Kravet 32185.5 Straight Away Laguna Fabric

Bottom Left: Kravet 33105.50 Kara Sapphire Fabric

Bottom Right: Kravet TEGAL.516 Fabric