Not All Fleece Is Created Equal

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When this is what it feels like across the US, we’re going to go ahead and assume you’ve had contact with something fleece today.  Whether it’s your gloves, hat, scarf, lined jacket, or you’re cuddled up (not fair!) on your sofa in a fleece blanket, this soft, cozy fabric is a natural go-to when below freezing temps make for a particularly frigid wait at the bus stop or even an unbearable, albeit short, trip from car to office. But fleece isn’t just fleece. The quality range is actually pretty significant. We know because we carry both kinds.

Because this type of fleece comes in such a wide range of shades and designs, it’s a fitting option for projects and gifts (from baby blankets, diaper covers and stuffed animals, to pillow shams and dog beds!)

Design Fleece

But for days like today, and in general when it comes to your clothing, Zirotek performance fleece is just worth it. It’s a thicker, higher quality fabric made in colorful, single- and double- sided options, as well as stretch, anti-microbial, or velour anti-pill finish face features.

Performance fleece

So maybe this is more than you really cared to know about fleece. But it’s important to us to share the ins and outs of each fabric you see on our site so that you can determine the right material for your unique project every time. And because there’s a lot of arctic air flowing this week, a few fleece facts never hurt to warm the mind, right?

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