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Drapery Fabric

Here at OnlineFabricStore, you’ll find thousands of basic and designer drapery fabrics in a variety of designs from damask and floral to geometric and paisley. These colorful drapery fabrics are ideal for making curtains, valances, shades, swags, and other stylish window treatments. You can also use these multipurpose fabrics for many other projects like throw pillows, bags and totes, slipcovers, and crafts.

Drapery Lining

Drapery lining adds volume and a professional look to drapes and curtains. It can also have practical uses including insulation and protection from sunlight and moisture. Check out our selection of curtain lining fabric.

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Drapery Fabric Basics

From classic and casual fabrics like linen and gingham to formal fabrics like taffeta and silk shantung, we have your drapery fabric essentials covered.

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Sheer Drapery Fabrics

For elegant and airy curtains and swags, check out these see-through drapery fabrics like voile and batiste. These versatile transparent fabrics are available in a range of lavish colors and styles.

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Upholstery Fabric

If you’re looking for beautiful upholstery fabrics at low prices, look no further. Whether you’re upholstering couches, dining chairs, ottomans, or headboards, we offer a wide selection of medium and heavy weight fabrics. Our upholstery fabrics suit a range of needs from residential and commercial to automotive and marine upholstery. Update your décor with indoor or outdoor fabric in basic and designer styles.

Basic Upholstery Fabric

Start with functional fabrics for constructing your upholstery project like featherproof ticking, burlap, and dust cover fabric. Finish it with high quality velvet, denim, and other beautiful upholstery fabrics.

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Indoor / Outdoor Upholstery Fabric

Looking for fabric for your outdoor furniture? You’ll find a wide selection of outdoor upholstery and sling fabric here, as well as fabric for marine applications. It’s also great for indoor projects because it’s water and stain resistant.

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Vinyl & PVC-Free Faux Leather

Besides upholstery projects, these vinyl and faux leather fabrics can also be used for accessories like bags and belts. Our collection of vinyl upholstery fabric includes a variety of colors and designs like crocodile and shagreen (sharkskin) animal prints.

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Drapery & Upholstery Supplies

In addition to our huge selection of fabric, we also carry thousands of supplies for your home décor projects. OnlineFabricStore is the one-stop-shop for not only drapery and upholstery fabric, but all the supplies that go with it as well.

Drapery Supplies

Drapery Supplies

Find what you need to complete your shades and curtains with everything from cord locks and pulleys to drapery weights and header tapes.

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Upholstery Supplies

Upholstery Supplies

We’ve got your reupholstering projects covered with foam, welting, tack strips, decorative nails, and much more.

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Tassels & Trim

Tassels & Trim

Embellish curtains and window treatments, pillows and cushions, or dining chairs and other upholstered furniture with a wide variety of decorative trims and tassels.

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Caning Supplies

Caning Supplies

You’ll find all the caning and supplies you need for your project, whether you’re replacing cane on a chair or adding it to a cabinet door for the perfect blend of trendy and timeless style.

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Home Décor Projects & How-To's

At OFS™ you’ll find tons of drapery and upholstery fabrics and supplies, but we also have a multitude of original décor tutorials covering topics like drapes, upholstery, and more. Not sure what kind of drapes you’re looking to sew? We provide comprehensive instructions for 9 unique styles ranging from simple rod pocket curtains to professional inverted box pleat curtains. Learn how to reupholster a dining chair or make new box cushions and slipcovers from scratch. These tutorials and more can be found at OFS™ Maker’s Mill, our headquarters for everything DIY.

How To Make Box Cushions with a Zipper

Level: Beginner

How To Make Box Cushions with a Zipper

Box cushions, commonly found on couches or armchairs, are a simple upholstery project that you can easily customize. Give your furniture a fresh look by making new box cushions.

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How To Make a Duvet Cover

Level: Beginner

How To Make a Duvet Cover

By making your own duvet cover you can be sure you’ll get exactly the size and look you want. Choose different fabrics for the front and back, or use a flat sheet on the bottom and a more decorative fabric on top.

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How To Make No Sew Grommet Curtains

Level: Beginner

How To Make No Sew Grommet Curtains

You don’t need a sewing machine to create custom grommet curtains that look polished and professional. These no sew curtains use grommet tape and snap-on grommets, making the project even easier.

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How To Make a Roman Shade

Level: Intermediate

How To Make a Roman Shade

Roman shades give windows a clean look that goes well with many styles from traditional to modern. With the method shown here, there’s minimal stitching visible on the front.

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Home Décor Videos

Our OnlineFabricStore YouTube channel is a highly regarded source of information and instruction with over 250,000 subscribers and 40 million views. Our 200+ video library includes plenty of informative video tutorials on home décor projects. You can also find these videos in our comprehensive Maker’s Mill how to’s where you’re provided with written instructions and photos as well.

Video: How to Reupholster Dining Chairs

Give your dining chairs a fresh look by reupholstering the seat cushion. Many dining chairs have detachable cushions, which makes reupholstering a simple project.

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Video: How to Make a Rod Pocket Curtain

Rod pocket curtains are the easiest style of curtain to make, it’s simply a panel of fabric with a tube for the curtain rod. This tutorial shows how to make an unlined rod pocket curtain, but a lining can easily be added.

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Home Décor Buyer's Guides

If you’re unsure about what kind of décor fabric or supplies to get, check out our buyer’s guides. Here you’ll learn more about different fabrics and products and what they’re commonly used for.

Drapery Lining

Drapery Lining Buyer's Guide

Drapery lining is available in varying styles that serve different purposes like insulation, light blocking/reduction, water repellency, and more.

Read our Drapery Lining Fabric Product Guide to pick the right lining.

Upholstery Foam

Upholstery Foam Buyer's Guide

When looking for an upholstery foam, you’ll find several densities, sizes, and thicknesses. Learn more about types of foam like outdoor foam, rebond foam, and more.

Choose the right foam for your project: Upholstery Foam Product Guide

Pillow Forms

Pillow Forms Buyer's Guide

Pillow forms can be found in many sizes with different fillings like down, polyester, or a combination of both. There are also varying shapes for pillow forms from square and rectangular to round and bolster pillows.

Learn more about Pillow Forms

Ticking Fabric

Ticket Fabric Buyer's Guide

Traditionally used for covering pillows and mattresses, ticking often has a blue striped pattern on a natural background. True ticking is feather proof, but the term may refer to the pattern itself which is used for decorative purposes.

Read our buyer's guide on Ticking Fabric

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Home Décor Resources

Drapery Yardage Calculator

With our easy to use drapery yardage calculator, you can find out exactly how much fabric yardage you’ll need for your project. Just plug in the desired dimensions, hems, and fullness of the drapes and you’re good to go.

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Upholstery Yardage Chart

Use our upholstery yardage chart to estimate the amount of fabric needed for your upholstery project. We have over 30 chair styles and over 20 sofa styles listed with the necessary fabric yardage.

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Decorative Pillows

Get 25% or more off our pre-made decorative throw pillows. Browse our selection of different patterns and colors to find the right throw pillows for your home.

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Fabric Quote

Looking to place a special order or buy in bulk? Send us a request for a fabric quote and our experienced staff will help you obtain a quote on items you can’t find in our online catalog.

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Home Décor Articles

Can I Wash Décor Fabric?

Can I Wash Decor Fabric?

100% cotton décor fabric care instructions often say “dry clean only”, but what happens if it’s machine washed? As long as you know the possible consequences, you can weigh your options and decide for yourself.

Can I Wash Décor Fabric? >

Drapery vs. Upholstery Fabric

Drapery vs Upholstery Fabric

Décor fabric is usually split into two categories: drapery fabric and upholstery fabric. This doesn’t mean drapery fabric can’t be used for upholstery, and vice versa. There are loads of other uses for these fabrics even beyond décor.

Drapery vs. Upholstery Fabric >

What is Railroaded Fabric?

What is Railroaded Fabric?

Railroading refers to the way a fabric, usually a pattern, is milled. Normally a bolt of fabric features the top of a pattern going up the roll. However, a railroaded fabric will have the top of the pattern going across the roll.

What is Railroaded Fabric? >

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