Drapery Yardage Calculator

Please enter all measurements in inches:

Enter the total width of your drapes in inches, from one edge to the other.

Enter the measurement in inches from the outer edge of the top window trim to how long you would like the drapes to be. This measurement can be to the window sill or to the floor, or it can also be between the two distances.

Enter the vertical repeat of the fabric you'll be using. Enter 1 if you plan on using a solid or stripe fabric.

Select a fullness depending on your desired look:

  • Flat fullness will have a flat look when drapes are pulled across the window.
  • Ready Made fullness will use 1 1/2 more fabric for a slightly fuller look.
  • Standard fullness will use 2 times more fabric.
  • Decorator fullness uses 2 1/2 times more fabric for the most full appearance.

Enter the amount of hems on sides of the drapes in inches. Usually this is 2 to 8 inches.

Enter the amount for the top hem in inches. This will allow for the curtain rod pocket.

Enter the width of the fabric you plan on using. Standard width is 54 inches, but make sure to double check your item width.

* As a courtesy we offer this yardage calculator to help you estimate yardage. Since we have not measured the project we cannot be responsible for estimates. For best results, consult your sewing professional.

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