Utility Fabric

Utility & General Purpose Fabric

Our utility and general purpose fabrics cover a range of uses from burlap for landscaping and crafts to clear vinyl for weatherproofing and doggie doors. OnlineFabricStore is the one stop shop for all your utility and general purpose fabric.

Burlap Fabric

Burlap has many uses from utilitarian to decorative. Shop our selection of burlap fabric that comes in different weights and a range of colors including your standard natural burlap.

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Muslin Fabric

Check out our selection of natural and bleached muslin. This versatile 100% cotton cloth is available in a range of weights and thread counts. Use it for theater, photography, clothing mockups, and much more.

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Canvas Duck Fabric

Our cotton canvas fabric comes in a variety of weights from 7 oz to 24 oz. Along with undyed natural duck material, we offer dyed canvas and primed canvas. Try cotton duck for many projects and uses from slipcovers and jackets to tarps and ceramics work surfaces.

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Vinyl Fabric

Vinyl fabric comes in many different types for a wide variety of uses. Our selection of utility vinyl includes flannel backed vinyl for tablecloths, vinyl for tarps, and clear vinyl for greenhouses, windows, chicken coops, shower liners, and much more.

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Nylon Fabric

Browse a wide range of nylon fabrics from heavy duty ballistic nylon to lightweight yet durable ripstop fabric. Nylon fabric is weather and abrasion resistant for applications like bags and gear sacks, rain ponchos, tents, and tarps.

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Linen Fabric

Made from the flax plant, linen is a durable, breathable fabric that’s used for warm weather clothing, towels, tablecloths, window treatments, and upholstery. We carry many weights and styles of linen from sheer 4 oz linen scrim to heavy weight 14.7 oz Belgian linen.

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Specialty Utility Fabric & Supplies

What’s your specialty? Automotive and marine upholstery? Theater sets and costumes? Landscaping and gardening? We’ve got you covered. Check out our specialty fabric and supplies which includes tons of products like auto headlining, spray paint, jute geotextile, mosquito and insect netting, fabric dye, and more.

Automotive Fabric

Automotive Fabric

Find what you need for your car or truck whether you’re sprucing up your vehicle or restoring a vintage car. Replace the headliner, trunk fabric, and interior carpet or reupholster seats with cotton batting and vinyl.

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Automotive Supplies

Automotive Supplies

In addition to our fabric selection, we offer a range of automotive supplies from vinyl spray paint and trim spray adhesive to sew foam and carpet padding.

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Landscape and Garden Fabric

Landscape & Garden Fabric

Up your gardening game with these landscape and garden fabrics. Use natural burlap and insect netting to protect your plants, get extended use from no-rot burlap, or control soil erosion with jute geotextile.

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Landscape and Garden Supplies

Landscape & Garden Supplies

We’ve got your trees covered with burlap squares for root balls and plant liners and burlap tree wrap for protecting saplings. Store your harvest in mesh and woven polypropylene bags, replace old screens with insect and pet screen from Phifer, or tie and train plants with jute twine.

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Theatrical and Set Fabric

Theatrical & Set Fabric

We’ve got all the basic fabrics for set design including canvas, burlap, and muslin. Our selection offers many different fabrics for stage backdrops and curtains including flame retardant fabrics like Duvetyn and Commando Cloth. Use theatrical scrim for stage lighting effects and crinoline and buckram for costumes.

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Theatrical and Set Supplies

Theatrical & Set Supplies

Don’t forget the theater supplies! We have Rust-Oleum spray paint for making sets, fabric dyes for backdrops and garments, boning for period costumes, and more.

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Utility How-To's

Head over to OFS™ Maker’s Mill to find all our how to’s as well as product guides, inspiration, tips and tricks, and everything DIY. Learn how to make an affordable slipcover using utility fabric or how to make a waterproof poncho out of nylon. All of our comprehensive Maker’s Mill tutorials include a video, written instructions, and photos.

How To Make a Slip Cover

Level: Intermediate

How To Make a Slip Cover

Do you have a chair that has seen better days? Make a slipcover! You can use many different fabrics like denim, twill, canvas, or home décor fabric. Making your own slipcover is inexpensive and practical.

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How To Make a Rain Poncho

Level: Beginner

How To Make a Rain Poncho

Rain ponchos are great for protecting your hair and clothing from the elements. This lightweight poncho with a hood is made with water-resistant ripstop nylon.

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Utility Videos

Check out these videos from our OnlineFabricStore YouTube channel, a trusted source of information and inspiration. Here you can see sewing and craft DIY tutorials, product comparisons and guides, essential sewing techniques, and more.

Video: Comparing Twill & Denim

All denim is twill but not all twill is denim. Find out more in this comparison video including how twill and denim are woven.

View Comparing Twill & Denim >

Video: How to Sew an Invisible Stitch

Watch this step-by-step demonstration on how to sew a hidden stitch. This is a perfect sewing technique to use when closing an open seam.

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Utility Fabric Buyer's Guides

Check out our buyer’s guides for information regarding specific products and product types. Find out what they’re made of, common usage, care instructions, and additional information. We have guides for many different utility fabrics.

Clear Vinyl

Clear Vinyl Buyer's Guide

There are many uses for clear vinyl and many gauges to choose from. Use this guide to determine which thicknesses will work best for your application and how to work with it.

Check out our clear vinyl buyer's guide.


Burlap Buyer's Guide

There are several things to consider when choosing a burlap fabric. First of all, will it be used for utilitarian or decorative purposes? This guide helps you pick the right kind of burlap and gives tips for use and care.

Read our burlap fabric guide.


Canvas Buyer's Guide

Canvas (also known as cotton duck) comes in a variety of weights measured in either ounces or a numerical representation. Numbered ducks are often used for more heavy duty applications like tents, tarps, work clothes, or artist’s canvases.

Learn about Canvas/Cotton Duck.


Muslin Buyer's Guide

Muslin is a versatile 100% cotton cloth with a plain weave. Find out about muslin’s many uses and how to choose the one that’s right for you.

Read our buyer's guide on Muslin Fabric.


Linen Buyer's Guide

Varieties of linen include Belgian, chambray, European, Irish, printed linen, and more. Find out what weight and style of linen is right for your project.

Read our linen fabric buyer's guide.


Cheesecloth Buyer's Guide

Cheesecloth comes in numerous grades. The higher the grade, the higher the thread count. What grade you choose depends on what you’re using it for or the look you want to achieve.

Learn about cheesecloth.


Scrim Buyer's Guide

Cotton scrim is commonly used behind the scenes in theater and film productions for special effects, costumes, and set decorations. It hangs nicely and has a light, airy look that’s great for wedding and event draping.

Read our Scrim buyer's guide.

PVC-Coated Polyester

PVC-Coated Polyester Buyer's Guide

PVC-coated polyester is a 100% polyester fabric with a smooth poly-vinyl chloride coating on the back and a subtle rough texture on the front. It’s often used for luggage and protective coverings.

Learn about PVC-Coated Polyester.

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Utility Fabric Articles

For more information, take a look at our articles which include explanations of terms like fabric denier and thread count. Head over to Maker’s Mill for informative articles on a range of topics.

Marine Vinyl vs. Standard Vinyl

Marine Vinyl vs. Standard Vinyl

Marine grade vinyl is very similar to other upholstery vinyl but has the extra benefit of UV protection and antifungal additives. Learn more about marine and standard vinyl with this guide.

Marine Vinyl vs. Standard Vinyl >

What is Denier?

What is Denier?

Denier refers to the thickness of the individual fibers which make up the threads of a fabric. How does that affect the fabric? Check out this guide to find out.

What is Denier? >

What is Thread Count?

What is Thread Count?

Thread count refers to how many threads, both warp and weft, make up one square inch of fabric. This generally means the higher the thread count, the finer the fabric.

What is Thread Count? >

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