4 Easy Fall Table Decorations

If you’re looking for a few quick and easy last-minute fall table decorations, we’ve got you covered.  These projects are simple and mostly involve no sewing, perfect for thanksgiving dinner decorations!




Twine Bottle

It may be difficult to wrap the twine around the neck, if so it helps to glue some of the twine along the neck as well.

Glue the twine to the top of the bottle, then begin to wrap the twine around the bottle working your way down. When you reach the bottom, glue the twine to the bottom of the bottle and cut off the extra twine.

Napkin Holder

Cut out a piece of cardboard tube that’s about 2 inches wide. Also cut a piece of burlap that’s a little longer and wider than the tube piece, mine is about 3″ by 7″. Glue the burlap so it wraps around the tube.

Wrap the burlap to the inside of the tube and glue.

Fabric Pumpkin

Cut out a large circle of fabric.  I cut a circle that’s about 2 and 1/2 feet in diameter. Sew loosely around the perimeter of the circle, pulling as you go to gather the fabric. Stuff the fabric to your desired fullness.

Fit the sticks into the middle of the stuffing. Pull the thread taut to close the opening. Wrap and tie twine around the base in a couple places. This creates ridges for the pumpkin. Tack down the ends of the fabric to flatten it out.


Cut strips of fabric for the base of the wreath. This wreath will need 4 strips that are about 3″ by 30″. Wrap the strip around the circle, gluing at both ends. Continue wrapping and gluing the strips until the circle is covered.

If you use burlap you may need to use Fray Check on the edges after cutting.

Cut a bunch of fabric strips to tie around the wreath. For this wreath I cut 30 strips that were about 3″ by 12″. You can use the same fabric or use different fabrics and colors like I did.

Tie the fabric strips to the base of the wreath. I’m alternating between the different colors I cut out. Continue tying strips until the circle is covered.

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