5 Halloween Decor Projects

Halloween is such a fun time of year to decorate or make your own costumes. In this tutorial I decided to make simple, quick, and cute projects that involve no sewing what-so-ever. Try them out and let us know how they turned out!




Candy Corn

Cut out a bunch of strips of white, orange, and yellow fabrics. I used about 8 white, 10 yellow, and 15 orange strips. Glue a couple of rows of yellow strips around the bottom of the cone. Each row should overlap the one below it a little bit. Switch to the orange strips for the middle of the cone. Switch to the white strips for the top of the cone. Cut a small circle of white fabric and glue it to the top of the cone.

Keep overlapping until you’ve reached the top!

Cheesecloth Ghost

Cut a piece of ribbon that’s about 2 feet long. Criss cross 2 pieces of unfolded cheesecloth, these are both about 1 and a half yards. Place the styrofoam ball in the middle and gather the cheesecloth tightly around it. Tie the ribbon into a bow around the cheesecloth at the base of the ball. Draw a face for the ghost.

So easy to do! You can make the length shorter or longer.

Mason Jar Mummy

Cut out a bunch of cheesecloth strips, I used about 10-15 strips total. Glue a layer of cheesecloth in straight lines around the jar. Glue another layer, this time criss crossing the fabric and only gluing the ends of the strips. Glue to attach the wiggie eyes.

Gluing, wrapping, gluing, wrapping.

Twine Spider Web

Criss cross the sticks with equal space between them, tie the twine around the middle to secure it. Tie the end of the twine around one of the sticks near the middle. Weave the web outwards from the middle. Wrap the twine around the sticks as you go keeping the stick spacing consistent. Once the web is full tie off the twine and cut off any extra. Weave the legs of the spiders into the twine.

I love how the sticks give it more of a rustic look.

Styrofoam Witch Hat

Cut out some satin fabric strips, I used about 7 strips total. Glue the satin in rows around the cone overlapping the rows a little bit. Cut out a small circle of satin and glue it to the top of the cone. Cut out a circle of felt that’s about 1 foot in diameter. Glue the bottom of the cone to the middle of the felt circle. Cut out a thin strip of orange fabric that’s about 1 and a half feet long. Tie the strip of fabric into a bow around the base of the cone.

The pinking shears help stop the fabric from fraying and give it more of a decorative look.

Find more Halloween fabric and supplies here!