5 Ways to Tie a Bow

Spice up your bows! Here are 5 easy bow tying tricks for your next craft, gift or DIY accessory.

From a classic bow to more sophisticated looks, we have you covered!




Regular Tail Down Bow

Two loops, left side is almost double the size of the other. Tie them together and readjust.

Double Bow

Wrap the bow around two fingers with a tail two times and then push the end through your finger gap. Then use the loop that just made and push the end through there from the bottom. Tighten the ends.

Loopy Fancy Bow

Start on two fingers with a loop. Twist the ribbon and hold the twist between your forefinger and thumb. Loop. Twist (always under the fingers). Keep doing that as many times as you want. Make the last loop larger than the others. Cut the last loop to create tails. Tie off with string.

Dior Bow

Fold ribbon back and fort, layered on top of each other. Every layer should be smaller than the last. Tie off the end with another piece of ribbon.

Tulle Pom-Pom Bow

Cut out two pieces of cardboard into circles and cut a hole in the center of each one. Place the pieces together.

Take strips of tulle and wrap it through the holes in the center of the cardboard and around the edges then back through the holes. Repeat this until the cardboard is covered in tulle.

Now cut the cardboard pieces apart by cutting down the center between the two pieces.  Before pulling the pieces apart, tie a piece of tulle around the center hole.

Now pull both pieces of cardboard off the tulle and fluff the pieces.

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