Choosing the Right Needle

Every sewing project is best completed with a specific type of needle. Some needles can be used for more diverse projects but as a general rule of thumb, it’s easier and important to have the right needle for whatever you are working on. Here is a guide to the many needles we sell here at OFS.

The best way to start looking is by using the filters on the left hand side of the needles homepage. If none of the options fit what you are looking for, leave it blank.

Choosing the right needle for your project is as essential as the materials you use to make it, so make sure you have the right tools for the job.


When darning or repairing fabrics with yarn you will want a darning needle. The eye of these needles are large enough to fit yarn or very thick threads. The largest even can fit ribbon if you are looking to weave ribbon like in our burlap heart pillow tutorial.

Hand Needles

Assorted needles are for general use like sewing an invisible stitch. Leather needles are for any hand sewn leather work you may have to do. They are straighter, a little stronger, and thicker than general use needles. Tapestry, embroidery, doll, and crewel needles are all specific to the project they will be used for.

Before purchasing look into the best type of embroidery needle for your specific project.

Repair Needles

Repair needles have almost any needle you may need in one place. There is a needle for canvas, leather, carpeting, sacks, sails, and two upholstery needles.

These needles are a one stop shop and would be a great addition to your sewing kit in case you ever need a quick fix.

Sewing Machine Needles

Before purchasing sewing machine needles, look at your sewing machine manual to see what size needle it takes. The term “Universal Needles” refers to the stitches and materials you can use it on, not the machine itself. There are a few options for different materials such as denim and leather needles, which are both thicker materials that may need thicker and stronger needles. Ball point needles are for knits and stretchy fabrics. Lastly, overlock needles are for serger machines. See your serger manual for needles that will work with your machine.

Upholstery Needles

Upholstery needles can all be used for upholstery projects, however some are better at getting tough to reach spots than others. The options are bent, curved, and straight needles. Each kit comes with a range of gauges for the various projects you may have.

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