Cotton Scrim Product Guide

Cotton scrim is 100% cotton and looks and feels like gauze. It’s lightweight, strong, absorbent, doesn’t attract lint, and has a loose weave similar to cheesecloth. It’s commonly used behind the scenes in theater and film productions for special effects, costumes, and set decorations. Scrim can also be used for décor like curtains or wedding decoration, it drapes nicely and has a light, airy look. It is 60″ in width and comes in both white and natural. We also carry linen scrim.

There are numerous uses for cotton scrim, some practical, some decorative. The practical uses for cotton scrim usually are either for culinary or medical purposes. Culinary uses for scrim include cheese making and straining. Medically, it can be used for bandages and wraps.

The light, airy, opaque qualities of scrim make it great for indoor window treatments like curtains and valances. Weddings often have cotton scrim incorporated into the décor. Scrim is also great for Halloween decorations as a ghost or spider web. Perhaps the most popular use for cotton scrim is in theater, television, and film productions as lightweight swags and billows. Its opaque qualities also make it great for making silhouettes and diffusing light.

Cotton scrim shouldn’t be put in a washer. You can dry clean or gently spot clean it instead.

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