Decorating a Burlap Table Runner with Leaves

Burlap table runners are extremely popular for table décor, whether it’s for your dining room table or a large wedding.

I’m going to decorate this table runner with twine branches and fabric leaves. It would be perfect for the Thanksgiving table, but with different colors, it can be used for many occasions.

For other ways to embellish your burlap table runner, try stenciling or adding ribbon. Lace ribbon is particularly popular for weddings.


Burlap Table Runner - Materials



Step 1: Cut out leaves

I’m using a pre-made table runner to cut out one step in the process, but you can easily make your own.

First, make the leaves. I made templates to keep the shape consistent. Trace around the templates, and then cut them out with pinking shears.

The pinking shears create a serrated edge like some leaves have, and it also helps prevent fraying.

I’m using felt, peachskin, poplin, and linen to create different textures.

Step 2: Make branches with twine

I’m using a disappearing ink fabric marker to start sketching out my branches. Use the leaves to make sure you space out the branches correctly. I like to just sketch out a little at a time and pin the leaves.

Thread the jute twine on a large needle with a big eye.

I’m using a large backstitch to embroider the branches. Come up through the burlap near the edge and leave a tail for now. Go back through the burlap to make a large stitch. Come to the front again, then go back through the end of the previous stitch. Repeat to create a solid line. I’m making the stitches different lengths to look more like bark. Branch off and make the stems too.

Once this segment of the branch is done, pull the twine to the back and cut it leaving a tail. You can make multiple rows of stitches for thicker parts of the branches.

Step 3: Add the leaves

Put a line of hot glue on the back of the leaves and press them down where they were pinned.

Continue gluing all the leaves.

Turn to the back and glue down the tails of the twine to complete the branch.

Add more branches in the same way to complete the table runner.

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