How to Make a Reusable Microwave Popcorn Bag

Making popcorn over the stove is delicious but can take a long time and is super annoying. Skip the hassle with this reusable microwave popcorn bag.

This bag makes a great gift for all those popcorn lovers in your life and is a great sustainable alternative to regular microwave popcorn. Wash it as needed and enjoy for years to come.

We used a lightweight cotton print fabric but many other 100% cotton fabrics will work like cotton broadcloth or muslin.

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Step 1: Cut the fabric

Cut two panels that are 12”x22”

Pre-wash your fabric so it doesn’t shrink after you make your bag. This also removes and sizing (a finish used to make the fabric crisp and smooth) which you probably don’t want on your popcorn!

Step 2: Sew together

Pin the right sides together and sew around the edges leaving a space to turn the fabric inside out on one of the longer edges.

Step 3: Flip right-side out

Flip the panels right-side out and push out the corners.

Step 4: Close the Opening

Fold down the edges of the opening so they match the rest of the seams and sew down.

Step 4: Fold

Fold one of your short edges over so it has a 2″ fold. Clip or pin it in place. Take the opposite edge and fold it to the top edge and clip or pin that in place. Then sew up both edges.

Step 6: Pop corners

Push the bottom corners of the bag together and sew into a triangle shape.

This should create an “X” with the already sewn seam.

Step 7: Flip right-side out

Flip the bag inside out and push out the corners.

Flip the 2″ pouch to the other side of your bag.


Throw your bag in the microwave and pop that corn!

A yummy snack, cooked in style.

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