Drapery Lining Fabric Product Guide

There are different types of drapery linings that serve different purposes like insulation, light reduction, water repellency, and more.

There are many variations of these linings available.

  • Water repellent and resistant drapery lining is designed to protect the face fabric from water stains caused by rain, moisture, and condensation.
  • Blackout drapery lining is made by taking a base fabric and spraying it with acrylic foam, then spraying on a coat of black opaque membrane, then spraying a third layer coat of white. This is 3 pass, there is also 2 pass which skips the first coat.
  • Insulating drapery lining helps to regulate temperature and somewhat dampens sound. It can save on energy costs by reducing heat loss in the winter and blocking heat from the sun in summer.
  • Flame retardant drapery lining, in addition to complying with fire code, can also sometimes block light and provide some thermal and noise insulation.


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Click on the chart below to open a PDF with more information about all of our drapery lining choices. 

drapery-lining-comp Drapery Lining Chart


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