How to Make No Sew Felt Fruit Coasters

Summer is here! Now’s the time to break out the patio furniture, mix up some fresh lemonade, and make these cool colorful crafts to go in between. These felt fruit coasters are super easy to make, great for kids’ crafts, and don’t require any sewing.





This template includes patterns for citrus fruit, watermelon, and apples. Let’s start with citrus.

Start by cutting out the pattern pieces.

Round off the edges of every piece.

Cut out one outer circle using the larger circle piece and 6 smaller pieces using the teardrop shape AKA the guitar pick.

I’m using green felt to make this look like a lime, but feel free to make a lemon, an orange, or use any combination of your favorite colors. Cut out one inner circle piece using white felt.

Center the inner circle on the outer circle and glue together. I’m using hot glue, but glue sticks and craft glue are good kid-friendly options.

Arrange the 6 teardrop pieces evenly on the inner circle and glue them in place.

And that’s it for the citrus coaster. I made a whole set using different colors and techniques.


Cut out the pattern pieces like before.

Cut out one green outer circle, one white inner circle, and one pink inner circle.

Also cut out seed pieces using black felt. You may need to use chalk to trace these small pieces onto the felt before cutting. I’ll be making 8 seed pieces but feel free to use more or less depending on the look you’re going for.

Center the white inner circle on the green outer circle and glue together. Repeat this to attach the inner pink circle to the white circle.

Arrange the seeds on the pink circle however you’d like and glue in place. When they’re all attached, the watermelon is complete.


Once again, cut out the pattern pieces.

Cut out one outer piece using red or green and one inner piece using white.

Cut at least 2 seed pieces using black, one leaf using green and one stem using brown felt. Tracing the pattern before cutting could be helpful for these smaller pieces.

Glue the leaf and stem to the top of the back of the outer piece. Center and attach the inner piece on the front.

Arrange and glue the seeds wherever you’d like them.

All done!

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