FIBC Bulk Bags Product Guide

FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container) bags are made from a thick, woven polypropylene with a UV treated finish. They can hold 2,000 to 3,000 pounds and fit over 1 cubic yard of volume, depending on the size. The dimensions and weight specifications vary so you can find the specs on the individual pages of each of our FIBC bulk bags.

These flexible bulk bags are designed for storing and transporting goods such as sand, fertilizer, granules of plastic, and other industrial products. Keep in mind that they’re not waterproof. They are popular in construction, landscaping, and even the hemp and marijuana industries.

Here at OnlineFabricStore, you can order as few or as many bags as you want. So whether you’re a homeowner who just needs one bag for yard waste or a construction company that needs thousands, we’ve got you covered! We also offer volume discount pricing, so the more bags you order, the more you save.

Safe working load and factor of safety is based on first time usage. Reuse potential is strictly dependent on conditions of use and strictly at the user’s risk. It is strongly suggested to cover the bag when exposed to direct sunlight if possible. Though they have a UV treated finish, the fibers will weaken slowly over time in UV light.

FIBC Bulk Bag Features

Bulk Bag Top

Choose from open top bulk bags or duffle top bags which can be tied closed to cover the contents.

Bulk Bag Bottom

Most of the bags have a flat bottom and some have a discharge spout with a star petal closure. The spout drops down 18” from the center of the bottom panel and is 14” in diameter. If you don’t need to use the bag again, the flat bottom can but cut to empty the bags if needed.

Bulk Bag Handles

The handles on the corners are used for lifting heavy loads with a forklift. Our bulk bags have either 4 corner handles or cross corner handles. This makes it easy to lift heavy loads using transport hooks. Though they can hold over 2,000 pounds of material, an empty bag only weighs about 3 or 4 pounds.

Food Grade

The bulk bags that are made of 100% virgin polypropylene resin are food safe in compliance with the Food and Drug Administration 21 CFR 177.1520. While most of our bags are food grade, not all are, so check if the bag you want is food safe if that’s a requirement.

Bulk Bag Construction

The most popular style is U-Panel bags which are constructed out of two “U” shaped panels that overlap on the bottom. This gives the bags a large lifting capacity and is the industry standard.

Circular bags are woven in a cylinder or tube shape with, most commonly, a square shaped bottom panel sewn on. There are no seams on the sides of the bag making it ideal for fine materials. It is also easily lifted and manipulated with a fork lift. Please note that these circular bags often look square because of the shape of the bottom and the way they are folded. See our Circular Duffle Top Bulk Bag with Spout Bottom.


While all our bags are roughly the same width and depth of 35″ x 35″, the heights range from 30″ to 70″ tall.

Coated or Uncoated

Uncoated bags allow air and moisture to pass through the container. If you need a moisture barrier and an extra layer of protection, try our coated bulk bags. Coated bags have a polypropylene film that’s added to the fabric to seal small gaps in the weave. This helps keep fine particles and powder from seeping out, but it does not make the bag waterproof or suitable for carrying liquids.

Static Protection

All of our bulk bags are Type A, which do not provide static protection. They are not to be used for combustible materials or utilized in flammable or combustible environments.

See the chart to find the bulk bag with the features you want:

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