How to Make Heavy Duty Nylon Dog Toys

Learn how to make some great nylon dog toys to make for fetch and tug of war that will be strong enough to withstand years of use.

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How to Make Heavy Duty Nylon Dog Toys



Dog Toy 1: Single loop toy

Cut out a 50 by 6 inch strip of nylon fabric.

Fold the edges in 1/4″, then fold the strip ion half to hide the raw edges. Clip or pin in place.

Sew down both sides of the strip. Leave 1 inch unsewn on one side.

Find and mark the exact center of the strip.

Fold the raw edges of the open side inwards. Place the opposite end inside.

Fold so this seam is in the exact center. Close it by sewing a square with an ‘X’ through the center.

Dog Toy 2: Double loop toy

Cut two 25 by 5 inch strips of fabric. I’m using two different colors of fabric for this toy.

Fold and sew the edges of these strips the same way as the other toy.

With one of the strips, follow the same steps as the first toy, but clip it in place for now instead of sewing.

It helps to use the hand crank when sewing this part so you don’t break your needle.

Do the same thing for the second piece, but with one end but loop one end through the other piece so they are intertwined. Make it so the seam of the second piece is facing inwards towards the seam of the first piece in the direct center of the toy. It should look like an ‘X’.

Now sew using the square with an ‘X’ through it. For this toy, you’re going to want to sew this square a few times for extra strength.

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