How to Adjust Tank Top Straps

Learn how to adjust the length of tank top straps using this simple tutorial. If your tank top’s too low-cut or it’s gaping at the top, making the straps shorter is a really easy way to fix it. This method works on any garment with similar strap styles.

Having a friend to help you out is great, but you can do it yourself by taking it on and off to make adjustments to the pins until you’re happy.

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Step 1: Pin & mark

It’s best to wear the garment inside out since that’s how you’ll be sewing with it. For this top, I’m going to take up the shoulders about 1 ½” to where it feels comfortable.

Pin it in place and make sure the seam is in the middle.

Mark on both sides of the seam with fabric chalk or a marker. You’re going to want to follow right where the pins are.

Step 2: Sew straps

Take out the pins and line up the lines on both shoulders. Stitch along the line on both shoulders.

Step 3: Cut & pin flat

Depending on how much fabric you have leftover for the seam allowance, cut it down about a half an inch. Open up the seam and pin the edges down flat.

Do this for both sides. After pinning the seam allowance flat, turn it to the right side, and make sure the edges aren’t popping out.

Step 4: Sew edges

Stitch the ends down on both shoulders.

Turn the tank top to the right side, and now it’s done.

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