How to Attach a Jeans Button

Jean buttons are specifically used in jeans and pants to make fastening the waistband easier. They are much more durable than buttons that are sewn on so they can withstand a lot of wear and tear.

They come in antique brass and nickel finishes, and are 11/16″ wide.

Here’s how to attach jean buttons to your project.




Puncture the fabric

To attach the button, puncture the back of the button through the wrong side of the fabric.

Line up button halves

On the other side, line up the front of the button with the back.

Flip fabric & hammer down

Flip over to the wrong side of the fabric again and hammer the back of the button all the way into the front.

It’s best to hammer the button on a hard surface like concrete. You can place a protective piece of fabric underneath to prevent the face of the button from getting damaged.

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