How to Attach Heavy Duty Snaps with Dritz Snap Pliers

Heavy Duty Snaps are a great replacement for buttons, sew on snaps, and VELCRO® on apparel, furniture, and accessories. They are easy to use, super strong, and a permanent fix for projects from making a jacket to fixing a boat cover. I hope this tutorial helps with your next snap project!

To use these snaps you will need the snaps and heavy duty snap pliers.

Snaps come with four different ends.


The socket and the stud will be the pieces that snap together.

The front and back of the female side, which are called the cap and the socket. And the front and the back of the male side, which are called the stud and the post.

The pliers have different attachments depending on what piece you attempting to attach at the moment.

Start by using the cone punch and round die base to punch holes in the fabric where you would like the snaps to be. If the fabric you are using is to thick for the pliers you can use scissors to make a small hole.


Next, with the metal splitting punch and the black cap holder, place the cap in the pliers and stick it through the hole. The cap should be on the outwards facing side of your garment and the socket should be on the inside. Squeeze the pliers hard. If the snap is not on tight squeeze it together again.

Lastly, use the metal splitting punch and purple post holder to attach the male side of the snap. The post should be on the underside of the garment and the stud should be on the front where it will be attached to the socket.

To change out the attachments, use the slip hook on the gray tool remover and push it down.

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