How to Install a Cord Lock

Cord shade locks are used for blinds, Roman shades, and similar window treatments. They’re used to easily open and close the shade by gripping and releasing the cords.

They come in several sizes depending on how many cords will be strung through. You can find these cord locks here at OnlineFabricStore:

1 to 3 cords: 3 cord shade lock

4 to 5 cords: 5 cord shade lock

6+ cords: 10 cord shade lock

See our Roman shade tutorial for full instructions on how to make the Roman shade seen in this demo.




Step 1: Attach cord lock

For smooth and easy operation, we recommend using cord pulleys for each cord. Alternatively, you could string the cords through screw eyes instead.

First attach the cord lock to the board or window frame. Place the cord lock at the end of the board. Make sure it’s facing the right direction. On this lock, the straight side should be facing in.

Mark the holes. If you’re using pulleys, you can overlap one of the pulleys with the cord lock. Drill pilot holes at each of the marks and screw the cord lock in place.

You can use any screws that are an appropriate length for your project as long as the head is larger than the holes on the cord lock base.

Step 2: Thread the cord

The cords go between the attached roller and the loose roller. Tilt the cord lock so the loose roller is away from the other, creating a gap. Thread one cord through the gap and through one of the slots at the bottom. Do the same for the other cords so they each go through a different slot.

See How to Make a Roman Shade for complete details on making this shade.

For the 10 cord lock, string all the cords through the same opening.

Once installed, open the shade by pulling down on the cord. Lock the cord in place by pulling the cord to the left or right (whichever direction is going away from the shade). To lower the shade, pull in the opposite direction to release the cord.

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