How to Make a Fleece Poncho

There are many different styles for making ponchos. I’m going to make a winter poncho with a cowl neck that can also be worn as a hood. Fleece works well because it’s soft and warm making it very cozy to wear.

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Step 1: Cut the fleece

First, cut off the selvage on both sides of the fleece. Measure and cut a rectangle that is the width of the fabric and 52 inches long. Because I’m using a plaid fleece, I can use the lines to make a straight cut. If you’re not using a plaid then it’s best to measure with chalk or a fabric marker.

With the leftover piece, measure and cut a 20 x 26.5 inch rectangle. This piece will be used for the cowl.

Step 2: Cut out the neckline

Take the large piece and fold it in half. Then fold it in half again so that 4 layers are folded together.

Starting at the corner of the folded edges, measure and pin 4 inches across on the longer side, and 2 inches across on the shorter side. Cut from one pin to the other making a curve for the neckline. Then fold the poncho inside out.

Step 3: Stitch the cowl

Take the cowl neck piece and fold the right sides of the shorter ends together. The right side of fleece is usually sharper looking and the wrong side is more blurry. Try to match the plaid up as best as you can. Pin in place if needed and stitch along the side.

Center the seam, and press the seam open with your hand. Turn the cowl neck to the right side and insert it into the neck line.

Take the right side of the cowl neck and pin it to the right side of the poncho. Make sure the seam is flat. Pin around the neckline and zig-zag stitch with a ½ inch seam allowance. Take the scissors and make small snips around the neckline. Be careful to not cut the stitch. This will give the neckline more ease for stretching on the curve. Fold the poncho to the right side and it’s now finished.

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