How to Make a Fleece Scarf

If your looking for an easy scarf to make that is warm and soft, then look no further. In this tutorial Jen makes a football fleece scarf with fringe on each end to give it more flare. You can stitch the ends as well if that’s what you prefer.


how to make a fleece scarf - materials



Step 1: Sew the sides

First, cut off the selvage part of the fleece. Place the two pieces on top of each other with the right sides facing together. Cut a 13 by 60 inch piece out of the fleece. Pin along the two sides and sew using a zigzag stitch. Start 4 inches in and stop 4 inches before the end.

Step 2: Cut the fringe

With the ruler and rotary cutter, make 1 inch wide by 4 inch long strips. Do this on both ends.

Step 3: Tie the knots

Turn the scarf right side out. Take the two sides of fringe and loop the end over and through the hoop. Push the knot upwards. Do this on both sides. Once the fringe is all tied your fleece scarf is now complete.

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