How to Make a Gauze Scarf

Gauze scarves like this one are perfect for spring because they’re lightweight and versatile. You can also wear it as a head wrap.


How to Make a Gauze Scarf - Materials



Step 1: Measure & cut the fabric

Measure and draw a 45 inch line on the bias. The bias is a 45 degree angle between the selvage and the width of the fabric. Measure up 9 inches and mark. Then from here measure 3 inches out and mark.

Draw a line connecting this mark to the original line. Do this on both ends.
Draw a straight line connecting the ends of the scarf. Then cut out the scarf and iron.

Step 2: Stitch the sides

Iron a 1/2 inch over on all 4 sides of the scarf. Pin the 4 corners. Back stitch a 1/2 inch first and stitch with a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Back stitch a 1/2 inch again at the end and the scarf is now complete

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