How to Make a Mystery Braid

There’s this really interesting phenomena that has always fascinated me until I finally decided to ask the old interweb how it’s done.

Braided products that don’t have any open ends or seams.

The internet, per usual, came up with the answer right away and it was actually 100 times easier than I expected.

So, I am going to show you how it’s done. Sit back, relax, and get ready to have your mind blown.




Step 1: Cut your material

My wrist measurement is 6” so piece I will cut should be 9” x ¾”

Measure your wrist or however long you want your braid. Add one inch to that measurement so the material has a little wiggle room when you go to make the braid. This measurement will be the distance between your snaps.

Also add a little space after where the snap or other closure will be. I added an inch to both sides of my strap so I can make a rounded edge.

I am using a pretty lightweight faux leather though so I will actually be cutting two identical pieces and gluing them together with wrong sides facing with Dritz Unique Stitch.

See our tutorial for how to use Dritz Unique Stitch for details.

Step 2: Attach closure

I also made a few straps with eyelets that I will tie closed with rope.

Mark 1” from each end of the strap where your closures will go. Attach them where you marked. If you are closing it with a snap see our how to use heavy duty snaps tutorial.

Step 3: Round the edges

To make a rounded edge, I just used a penny, marked the curve on both sides and then cut away the excess material.

Step 4: Cut strips

1/4” away from the inside of each of the closures, mark two lines where you will cut to create three even strips of material. For me these were marks at 1/3” and 2/3 of an inch but yours may be different depending on the width of your strap.

Step 5: Braid

I am making my braid pass under itself to minimize gapping at the beginning and end of the braid, but yours can be overhand if that is easier for you and ultimately will not look significantly different.

To do this braid all you need to know how to do is a basic three strand braid BUT start by taking the end of the strap and flipping it up and through the second and third strips.

Then start your braid.

Make six passes for the braid. Stop at the sixth and hold it in place with one hand. With the other hand, untangle the strips starting at the bottom of the braid until the strips are no longer twisted and lie flat.

Repeat the process again by flipping the bottom of the braid in between the second and third strips and braiding six passes.

Repeat this process as many times as possible before reaching the end of the braid.

Step 6: Make it even

Make the braid uniform by pulling on the outer pieces of the braid and then flipping it to the other side and passing back over those same pieces and pulling on them again but from the opposite direction. Repeat this process until you are happy with the way the braid looks.

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