How to Make a No Sew Fleece Pillow

This no sew fleece pillow is a quick and easy project. The one I’m going to make is a 16 by 16 inch kid’s pillow. Stretch knit fabrics are also great to use because they don’t fray and they tie well. These pillows make great gifts and you can make them any size you want.



How to make a no sew fleece pillow - materials



Step 1: Measure & cut the fabric

Place the fleeces on top of one another. If there’s a right side to the fleece, make sure it’s facing out. To determine the size to cut the fabrics, take the dimensions of your pillow form and add 4 inches to all 4 sides. I’m using a 16 by 16 inch pillow form, so I’m cutting 24 by 24 inch squares out of both fleeces. Pin in places if needed to keep the fabric from moving. Measure and cut 4 inch squares out of the 4 corners. Cut 1 inch wide strips 4 inches long around the edges. You can mark them to keep it more consistent.

Step 2: Tie the knots & insert the pillow form

Loop the 2 strips over and under and push the knot up to the top. Continue this around 3 sides. Insert the pillow through the open side. Close the open side by knotting it until you reach the end. The pillow is now complete.

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