How to Make a Yoga Mat Strap

Today we are going to be making a Yoga Mat Strap. This type of strap is super versatile, and we are making ours to carry a portable sun shade that we made in another tutorial, but it can be used for yoga mats, skis, umbrellas, and even logs. Anything that is long and heavy enough to give you a little counterweight could be put in here and carried around by the shoulder strap.


How to Make a Yoga Mat Strap




Take the end of the webbing and string it though the D-ring, then loop the webbing under the bottom bar and push it back around into the ring. Pinch the lower two pieces together.


Now you can either hand sew or sew up this area with a machine. I like to reinforce this area by sewing a box with an x through it, being sure to backstitch and the beginning and end.

Do this to both ends of the webbing.

Stringing the webbing through the ring, then around the bottom and back up through the ring. There should be a small loop that you will sew around flat end of the d ring and there should be a loop on the opposite side that you are able to adjust.

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