How to Make an Eyeglass Case

Protect your glasses from the elements with this easy eyeglass case, made from vinyl with a velvet lining. You can use this simple DIY project to make cases for your prescription glasses, reading glasses, and sunglasses. You can use any fabric you’d like on the outside, but make sure your lining fabric is soft.


How to Make an Eyeglass Case - Materials



Step 1: Cut & stitch the case pieces

Measure a 7 by 7 inch square on the wrong side of the vinyl and velvet. Cut out both squares.

The pins might make noticeable holes in the vinyl, so you may want to use clips instead.

Place the squares together with the wrong sides facing each other and round off the corners. It may help to use a cup or something with a rounded edge as a guide.

Pin along the sides and stitch along the edge with an 1/8th inch seam allowance. Back stitch at the beginning and the end.

Step 2: Add the bias tape

Unfold one edge of the bias tape and pin along the edge of the square starting 1 inch in. Leave about an 1/8th of an inch between the bias tape and the edge of the case. Pin all the way around. Line the ends up together and cut the bias tape so that the ends are even.

Stitch along the crease of the bias tape until you’ve reached where the ends meet.

Pin the ends together with the right sides facing each other and stitch together. Trim off the extra bias tape leaving an 1/8th inch seam allowance.

Fold the bias tape over to the other side and pin all the way around the square.
With the velvet side facing up, stitch with an 1/8th inch seam allowance around the square. Back stitch at the beginning and the end.

Step 3: Close & stitch the case

Stitch slowly for this part, the folded case will be pretty thick.

Fold the case in half and clip around the edges. I’m using clips because the material is too thick for pins. Starting a 1/2 inch down from the top, stitch along the bias tape down the side and bottom. Back stitch at the beginning and the end and the eyeglass case is finished.

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