How to Make Fabric Garland

Fabric garland is great for many different holidays and special events. You can choose the colors and shapes to fit the occasion. Hang the garland in a swag or hang multiple strings vertically. For everything from Christmas to Valentine’s Day, birthday parties to baby showers, fabric garland makes for fun and colorful decorations.


How to Make Fabric Garland Materials



Step 1: Cut the shapes

First, make a template of the shape you want to use or find an object that’s the right size. Circles look good no matter the occasion. Trace the shape on the back of your fabric and cut it out. Now do that again a whole bunch of times!

You can vary the size of the circle or do different shapes like hearts or diamonds.

I’m using several different remnants of décor fabrics. You can use many different types of fabric, but the heavier the fabric, the better it will hold its shape. Some other heavier fabrics include canvas and felt. Felt is also good because it doesn’t fray. Lightweight apparel and quilting fabrics will work too, but just won’t be as stiff.


Step 2: Sew together

To string the shapes together you can either hand sew or use a sewing machine.

I’m using baker’s twine to hand sew these circles together. Since the fabrics I’m using are one-sided, I’m putting two back to back. Use a running stitch to go down the middle of the circle. Bring the needle in and out of the fabric several times and move onto the next one. Make the garland however long you want.

I’m going use the sewing machine to string together this heart garland. Use a straight stitch set to a long length. Make sure there’s a good sized tail of thread before you start. Sew down the center. When you get to the end, continue to sew without fabric for a couple more stitches while pulling slightly. Then lift the foot, position the next piece and continue to sew. Repeat this until the garland is the length you want.

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