How to Make Faux Leather Plant Hangers

So I have a lot of plants. It’s almost a problem but I choose not to worry to much about it because I really love my plants. That being said though, I was running out of windowsill space and needed to come up with something that would give my babies that needed more sun a real leg up.

That’s what sparked the idea for a Faux Leather hanger. I know what you’re thinking – ‘that’s genius’ it’s natural, it’s classy looking, and its surprisingly sturdy.

They are also super customizable so you can make it for any plant hanging at any height.

I came up with three different styles, so you can mix and match or stick to the same look. We’d love to see your completed project! Leave a review below with a photo of your project, or post to Instagram with the tag #ofsmakersmill to share with others.




Method #1

The number will depend on the size of your pot. I recommend 1 circle for every 2” in height.

Trace around the bottom edge of your planter on a piece of paper.

Create a stencil by drawing several circles around that original one each about ½ inch away from the last.

Now erase parts of each circle (except for the outermost circle) so that there are 4 disconnected lines that make up each circle. Alternate the lines so that where there is a gap in one circle, there is a line above it in the next.

Place the template over the vinyl and cut it out using a rotary cutter or exacto knife. Cut on every line.

Attach 4 eyelets to the edges right above where the largest openings are.

Cut 2 pieces of twine and string them through the eyelets on opposite sides of the hanger and tie them off so they won’t slip back through the other end.

Method #2

Cut one strip that is about twice as long as you want the final piece to hang by 1 inch wide.

Hand sew a few stitches into each side of the slit so it doesn’t open more under the weight of the pot.

Find the center of the strip and cut a slit that is half the width of the middle of your pot.

Fold one raw edge over and sew the ends together.

Place the pot in the slit and hang from the pocket.

Method #3

Cut two pieces of vinyl that are 1”x double the length you want them to hang.

Find the center of both pieces and attach them together with an eyelet. This will be the top of your hanger.

Cut a piece of twine.

Put both open ends through the eyelet and tie them so they will not slip back through the opening.

Fold in one raw edge of each strip and sew it to the opposite side of the same strip. Do this to both sides. This will be the bottom of your hanger.

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